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The Rain Has Passed…

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Houston has been hit with a large amount of rain. Although we needed the rain, there can still be damage done to our homes. Here are a few tips that you can do to ensure your home doesn’t have lasting effects from the heavy rain.

Gutters. When heavy rain pours down, the debris in our gutters can get backed up. Clear the spout openings in your gutters to be prepared for the next rainfall.

Drains. Clear any drain covers in your yard. Chances are that the drain covers are full of leaves and debris. Clear away the debris so the future rain has an easy pathway away from your home.

Roof. Did you have strong winds near your home? Heavy rain and wind can lift roof shingles, and you may not know it until water spots appear on your ceiling. You can call a roofing company to inspect your roof to make sure no damage occurred.

Yes, our yards and plants needed the rain. Our foundations needed the moisture. So, all in all, we benefited from the rain. However, follow these tips to further protect your home!

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