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Gearing up for Summer —

Here are a few things you can do around your home to ensure Spring cleaning is complete, and before the kids are home on those hot summer days. It is likely  you need to do this while the kids are in school…or else, it won’t get done! So, take advantage of these final school days […]

Heat and Bites —

We had a little break in the heat, but the heat has brought in the mosquito’s! Playing sports, picnics, and walks. Regardless of what you are doing outside, you don’t want mosquito’s to put a damper on your fun! Here are a few tips on how to prevent mosquito’s. The first thing you will want […]

House Tips for the Weekend —

Change the way you clean with a few adjustments to your daily routines. This link is full of ideas to simplify cleaning around your house. Why wait for a mess to pile up? These ideas will prevent the piles and keep the system in your home flowing smoothly. Enjoy this article, and let me know […]

BIG Family Egg Hunt Idea —

Do you have a large family? If so, you may find it hard during an Easter egg hunt! The older kids find the easy eggs, leaving the babies with no eggs! One child finds 15 eggs while the other finds 2! Egg hunts can be challenging as family fills your yard. Here are some tips […]

Spring Savings —

An investment that saves you money? There are many ways to save energy here and there throughout your home. Here is a way you can save energy and money as the weather heats up! It may take an investment upfront, but there will be savings and efficiency in the end! Upgrade Appliances: Save 12+%Appliances use 20 […]

Houston for Spring Break —

Are you staying in Houston this Spring Break? Well, this link is just for you. Plan an adventurous week without leaving town. Houston has so much to offer. You can enjoy vacation without the car trip! Take a look at this link and make plans to enjoy your Spring Break 2018!

Avoid Build Up —

Last week we talked about pollen. As we can see in Houston, the pollen is here to stay a while. So, lets talk about how to avoid a thick layer of pollen build up! Rinse E-Z is a product that will make window cleaning a breeze with great results. You just hook it up to […]

Pollen is HERE! —

As much as we love the sunshine, this means Spring is here and pollen is around the corner! Allergy season will be in full force in the next couple weeks. If you have allergy symptoms, you may notice a little relief during a rainy day. There are other tips that I found interesting…. I came […]

Get Your A/C Ready —

We have had a cooler than usual winter, which means your A/C has had a break. Collecting dust, debris and more. So, let’s talk about cleaning your cooling! Is this something you should invest your time or money in? I am going to tell you a little bit about the benefits of a good deep […]