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School Art Keepsake —

We are a couple weeks into school, which means the art work has started to roll in.  Some will be wonderful and adorable- you may actually want to frame these! Then there are others that you feel guilty for throwing away! Maybe you keep a box for each kid’s school artwork to keep in the […]

Easter Craft —

Easter is here! This week will be filled with Easter activities around my house. Egg hunts, parades, crafts and more. I love easy and fun crafts to do with my children. Some crafts can get too detailed and hard for children. So I wanted to share some easy basic crafts your kids can do this […]

Science Fair Ideas —

Has science fair come to your school yet? Well, it’s that time of year and science fair projects are on the homework list. Are you looking for ideas? Some science fair projects can be too complicated, which means the parents have to help more than teachers may advise. So, here are some simple ideas that […]

Lunchbox Tips —

To follow up with last weeks back to school tip, I wanted to add a few lunchbox tips! You will read many articles out there about the traditional back to school information, but I wanted to write a few posts with “out of the box” back to school tips. Sometimes, it is the random tips […]

Snip Tip —

Did this title catch your attention? Back to School is here. This means the stores get more crowded while people gather their clothes and supplies. You may even try to get a head start while there is still a wide variety to choose from. But, have you thought about haircuts?? It may not seem like […]