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Are you Moving?…. —

Moving is a huge undertaking. It is extremely time-consuming and can cause a lot of stress. I’m talking about the actual process of moving….packing, sorting, boxes, etc. I have a few tips to reduce stress and also some space-saving tips. Let’s start with stress reducers. I recommend to start with writing a time outline. Start […]

Frozen Damaged Plants? —

A few weeks ago, your plants looked lush. Now, they are wilted or brown. The recent Houston freeze has taken its toll on plants. Homeowners are probably asking…”should you cut off the dead parts? Water them more? Rip them out and start over? Or should they just leave them alone?” Regardless of the type of […]

Buying for Siblings —

Do you have multiple kids? Well, the gift giving adds up quickly. Let me share an idea that can reduce your spending and time! Sibling gift giving can be fun and inexpensive. First off, my kids draw a name. So, I put all their names in a bowl and let them draw one name. Each […]

Mason Jars —

Fall time may bring cooler entertainment, picnics and outdoor activities. Well, mason jars can be used for all your fall fun. Here are a few ideas on how to get creative with mason jars in your home… Paint and sand the jar to create a rustic soap dispenser. This is great for your indoor or […]

Hands Full? —

Okay moms!!! How many times have you been looking for your keys, and you are holding them?!!!! Are your hands full…all of the time like mine are? Then, you are in the parking lot, fumbling around in your purse. Looking for your keys while trying to keep your kids safe in the parking lot can […]

Refrigerator Tricks —

Are yall like me…a messy refrigerator drives you crazy?! The kids push around the food. Good food expires because it got pushed in the far back. A spilled bottle leaves a sticky puddle. It can be a never ending battle! However, this is the post for you! This post will change the way you use […]

Garage Tip —

Okay, so does your garage look like mine? Well, this isn’t my garage but you get the picture? Most of us have toys, bikes, and stuff that fills our garage. It can drive you crazy as you try to maneuver around! Sometimes I feel like my kids don’t even want to play with their toys […]

Lawn Tips —

Summer is here. We are busy with school parties, end of school year, tball and more! We may not have the time to think about anything else. However, don’t let your lawns health take a backseat. An unhealthy lawn can spread fast and end up costing way more money to re-sod! So, take these tips […]

Count by 10 —

Such a FUN idea!! I just loved this idea, and my kids had a blast. I had to share it with you. It is easy, cheap and the children can do it on their own which enhances learning. Looking for a weekend project? Add this to your list and help you children learn how to […]

Before Spring Ends —

Spring is wrapping up as the days get hotter. Here are a few things you can do around your home to ensure Spring cleaning is complete. If you are like me, you need to do this while the kids are in school…or else, it won’t get done! So, take advantage of these final school days […]