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Are you Moving?…. —

Moving is a huge undertaking. It is extremely time-consuming and can cause a lot of stress. I’m talking about the actual process of moving….packing, sorting, boxes, etc. I have a few tips to reduce stress and also some space-saving tips. Let’s start with stress reducers. I recommend to start with writing a time outline. Start […]

Frozen Damaged Plants? —

A few weeks ago, your plants looked lush. Now, they are wilted or brown. The recent Houston freeze has taken its toll on plants. Homeowners are probably asking…”should you cut off the dead parts? Water them more? Rip them out and start over? Or should they just leave them alone?” Regardless of the type of […]

Refrigerator Tricks —

Are yall like me…a messy refrigerator drives you crazy?! The kids push around the food. Good food expires because it got pushed in the far back. A spilled bottle leaves a sticky puddle. It can be a never ending battle! However, this is the post for you! This post will change the way you use […]

Garage Tip —

Okay, so does your garage look like mine? Well, this isn’t my garage but you get the picture? Most of us have toys, bikes, and stuff that fills our garage. It can drive you crazy as you try to maneuver around! Sometimes I feel like my kids don’t even want to play with their toys […]

Smoke Detector Reminders —

Smoke detectors save lives, and every home should have smoke detectors. Having a working smoke alarm needs to be a priority as you make your home a safe place! Here’s what you need to know: Install smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of your home. Test your smoke […]

Before Spring Ends —

Spring is wrapping up as the days get hotter. Here are a few things you can do around your home to ensure Spring cleaning is complete. If you are like me, you need to do this while the kids are in school…or else, it won’t get done! So, take advantage of these final school days […]

Linen Closet —

Is your linen closet a mess? Are there piles of haphazardly folded sheets? Do your piles of sheets slip and slide off of each other? Yep, these are common linen closet problems. I have a tip that can help you tidy up your linen closet. Sheet bundles! Fold your sheets and place them in the […]

Laundry Room Challenge —

The kids are back at school. Your laundry room is probably full of summer towels, summer art projects, bathing suits, flip flops and hats! Let me challenge you before the school stuff enters your home!! Get your laundry room ready for school! Your kids will have back packs, homework, projects, shoes, sports gear! Clear out […]

Shedding Dog? —

Does your dog shed? Mine does. We have a lab, I love her so much. However, I can’t stand all the shedding. Summer time is extra bad with all this heat. I wanted to share this tip with you, it has been the biggest life saver ever!! This has prevented me from sweeping 3 times […]

Spring Clean Mommy —

A mom’s version of “spring cleaning” is usually different than other people. We think of clutter way before we think of scrubbing baseboards. So, I have a challenge for you this Spring. 1. One room at a time: Don’t get overwhelmed and think of “all” you have to do. Just tackle one room at a […]