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Fall Fashion —

It is still hot for Fall, but Fall fashion is gearing up as the weather slowly cools down. I wanted to do a fun post with some fall fashion ideas to get you ready for Fall and Winter 2016! So, I’ve done some research and have found the Fall fashion tips for you! Poncho sweaters […]

What to do This Spring Break —

Are you looking for plans this Spring Break? You probably want to do something fun with your kids that is cost effective and memorable. Me too!! I have done research and found a list of things to do in Houston with your family… Bayou Bend is doing Spring Break activities and programs that are free […]

Rodeo Time —

It’s Rodeo time in Houston. The rodeo fuels Houston’s economy, and brings jobs and fun to the entire city. Going to a concert can be difficult with young children, but there is still plenty of fun to have with with little kids! You can enjoy the carnival. With endless rides, games and food- there is […]

Hip in the House —

What do you wear around the house in the mornings? Dressing the kids, making breakfast, out of the shower…what do you “throw on?” Some moms wear a robe, but then they find themselves in a robe for hours. Others get fully dressed. Others are somewhere in the middle! Where are you?? Here are a few […]

Words of Encouragement —

Encouragement….adults need it, and kids do too! Happy New Year. I hope to start off your 2016 with some words of encouragement that can help you connect with your children even more! Words mean a lot to children, encouraging words bring a sense of acceptance and worth. Your words have a lot of weight! So, […]

Lunchbox Tips —

To follow up with last weeks back to school tip, I wanted to add a few lunchbox tips! You will read many articles out there about the traditional back to school information, but I wanted to write a few posts with “out of the box” back to school tips. Sometimes, it is the random tips […]

Generation One Lemonade Stand —

One of my friends got sent this wonderful email. She forwarded it to me, and we are joining together to make a Generation One Lemonade Stand. You can too!! I am attaching the email with information…. “It’s time to sign up for the Generation One Lemonade Stand Campaign!  PLEASE sign up by Friday, June 26th […]

Unspoken Mothers Day —

Hopefully, this post will strike a cord with you. So, yesterday was Mothers Day. Some husbands go all out with breakfast in bed, or buy gifts, others forget it’s even Mothers Day. My husband did small things that meant the world. He got all the kids dressed for church, made all the beds and cleaned […]

Rodeo Tips —

It’s Rodeo time in Houston. As a mother, this is one of my favorite times of the year. The adorable cowboy boots, the denim skirts and Western wear is just too cute. I know, it’s a lot of work to haul the kids around the rodeo- but so worth it! But, read these tips before […]

Happy Birthday —

Birthday parties seem to be part of our weekend ritual! We love going to birthday parties. There is always an unique touch to each party. I enjoy seeing how mothers put their own spin on parties, making it special for their children. We all know that birthday parties can be expensive, time consuming and detail […]