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Frozen Damaged Plants? —

A few weeks ago, your plants looked lush. Now, they are wilted or brown. The recent Houston freeze has taken its toll on plants. Homeowners are probably asking…”should you cut off the dead parts? Water them more? Rip them out and start over? Or should they just leave them alone?” Regardless of the type of […]

Mason Jars —

Fall time may bring cooler entertainment, picnics and outdoor activities. Well, mason jars can be used for all your fall fun. Here are a few ideas on how to get creative with mason jars in your home… Paint and sand the jar to create a rustic soap dispenser. This is great for your indoor or […]

School Art Keepsake —

We are a couple weeks into school, which means the art work has started to roll in.  Some will be wonderful and adorable- you may actually want to frame these! Then there are others that you feel guilty for throwing away! Maybe you keep a box for each kid’s school artwork to keep in the […]

The Loss of a Pet —

One of my good friends just put her dog to sleep today. It was a tough decision. She has 3 young children and was struggling with how to tell them about the decision. So, this post is for anyone that may be dealing with this very hard time! We all love our dogs. They are […]

Refrigerator Tricks —

Are yall like me…a messy refrigerator drives you crazy?! The kids push around the food. Good food expires because it got pushed in the far back. A spilled bottle leaves a sticky puddle. It can be a never ending battle! However, this is the post for you! This post will change the way you use […]

Smoke Detector Reminders —

Smoke detectors save lives, and every home should have smoke detectors. Having a working smoke alarm needs to be a priority as you make your home a safe place! Here’s what you need to know: Install smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level of your home. Test your smoke […]

Naturally Repel Mosquitoes —

Mosquitoes can be pesky, painful, annoying, and no one wants them lurking around our home! Here are a few unique  and natural tips that can help you repel those mosquitoes away this summer. Coffee Grounds- The simple home remedy to repel mosquitoes is coffee grounds. All you need to do is just sprinkle coffee grounds […]

Count by 10 —

Such a FUN idea!! I just loved this idea, and my kids had a blast. I had to share it with you. It is easy, cheap and the children can do it on their own which enhances learning. Looking for a weekend project? Add this to your list and help you children learn how to […]

Bring Happiness —

As mothers, we are most grateful for our children’s health. That is our biggest hope and desire! Well, some mothers are struggling today as their children are sick. Let’s join together and spread a little happiness! This May, you can bring spring right to patients at Texas Childrens. You can make a donation, and your […]

Kids and Dog Safety —

Do you have kids and dogs?? Well, you may never think that your family dog would ever harm your children. However, let’s be reminded that they are animals and have animal instincts. This means that we need to respect the way an animals mind works. We also need to educate our children on the safety […]