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BIG Family Egg Hunt Idea

Do you have a large family? If so, you may find it hard during an Easter egg hunt! The older kids find the easy eggs, leaving the babies with no eggs! One child finds 15 eggs while the other finds 2! Egg hunts can be challenging as family fills your yard. Here are some tips that can help the Easter bunny while hiding…

Hide by color. Then, leave a key for the family so they know who gets what color. This will keep children focused on one color, and will allow you time to follow behind each child with the camera!

Sections. Again, leave a key for the family so they know what part of the yard is for them! You could do the open grass area for young children. Then, the patio and gardens for older children.

Front and Back. This one usually works great! Have some kids in the front yard and some in the back yard. Give them a number of eggs they are looking for, and let them loose! Tell them each kid is looking for 12 eggs then watch them run! This is exciting for the kids as they feel they are “racing” to try and find their eggs!

Do you have an egg hunt technique that may be helpful? Please share as we prepare! I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

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